Orthopedic rehabilitation

ISBN: 9783031320255
Код товара 153276

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation

ISBN: 9783031320255
Код товара 153276

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This pocket-sized guide provides a practical and comprehensive resource for orthopedic, PM&R, and musculoskeletal specialists, as well as primary care physicians who work in the community outpatient clinic setting. Its consistent chapter format covers each area with anatomy, physical examination, preoperative management, and postoperative rehabilitation sections for the spine and extremities. The book presents treatment protocols for various injuries, including physical therapy measures such as weight bearing status, PRE, closed or open chain exercises, and timing for returning to routine or sport activities. Its concise presentation of rehabilitation for the upper and lower extremities, the hip and pelvis, and the spine enables quick reference and clinical decision-making. Furthermore, the book includes a chapter on rehabilitation following the use of orthobiologics, making it a valuable resource for healthcare professionals involved in orthopedic rehabilitation after regenerative interventions.

Rehabilitation following Orthobiologics.- Rehabilitation of Cervical Spine Disorders.- Rehabilitation of Thoracic Spine Disorders.- Rehabilitation of Lumbar Spine Disorders.- Rehabilitation of Shoulder Disorders.- Rehabilitation of Elbow Disorders.- Rehab
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