Ветеринарная медицина: Инфекционные заболевания 46 книг

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изд. 2020

Valdez, Victoria High Volume Spay And Neuter: A Safe And Time Efficient Approach

  • ENG
  • изд. 2020

Approaching high-volume spay and neuter as a separate discipline, this comprehensive reference addresses the unique challenges of this branch of shelter medicine. You will learn how to become faster at performing these procedures in a variety of settings, while still maintaining the safety of the patient....

10 163 ₽
Georgis' Parasitology for Veterinarians
изд. 2013

D Bowman Dwight Georgis' Parasitology for Veterinarians

  • ENG
  • изд. 2013
Provides information on all parasites commonly encountered in veterinary medicine. This book focuses on parasites that infect domestic species, such as dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and ruminants. It also includes coverage of organisms that infect poultry, laboratory animals, and exotic species.
8 986 ₽
Veterinary Immunology, 10th Edition By Tizard
изд. 2017

Tizard, Ian R. Veterinary Immunology, 10th Edition By Tizard

  • изд. 2017
Revised edition of: Veterinary immunology / Ian R. Tizard. 9th ed. c2013.
10740 ₽   9 666 ₽
Slatter's Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology
изд. 2017

Maggs, David / Дэвид Мэггс Slatter's Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology

  • ENG
  • изд. 2017
Learn to recognize, diagnose, and manage a wide range of common ocular conditions with Slatter's Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology, 6th Edition. This thoroughly updated text provides the latest, most practical information on structure and function of the eye, ocular development, pathology,...
14 783 ₽
Chlamydiae and Chlamydial Infections
изд. 2018

Svetoslav Martinov Chlamydiae and Chlamydial Infections

  • ENG
  • изд. 2018
Chlamydiae are a group of obligate intracellular microorganisms with a homogeneous group-specific antigenic structure, and a unique mode of development. The infections caused by them are unprecedented and wide-spread throughout the world, including a broad range of hosts among domestic and animal s...
14 060 ₽
Concepts, Compounds and the Alternatives of Antibacterials
изд. 2018

Valeria Severino Concepts, Compounds and the Alternatives of Antibacterials

  • ENG
  • изд. 2018
Concepts, Compounds and the Alternatives of Antibacterials examines various aspects of Antibacterial Drugs — From Basic Concepts to Complex Therapeutic Mechanisms of Polymer Systems, including an extensive overview of antibacterial drugs. It includes Antibacterial Effects of Cinnamon: From Farm to ...
21 090 ₽
Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine, Volume 8
изд. 2014

Miller R. Eric, Fowler Murray E. Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine, Volume 8

  • ENG
  • изд. 2014
Rev. ed. of: Zoo and wild animal medicine: current therapy / Murray E. Fowler, R. Eric Miller. 6th ed. c2008.
16 400 ₽
Handbook of Veterinary Drugs
изд. 2004

Allen G Dana, Smith, Jr. W Francis, Dowling M Patr Handbook of Veterinary Drugs

  • ENG
  • изд. 2004
Including various drugs and veterinary practices, this title offers readers immediate access to information on therapies for dogs, cats, horses, ruminant species, pigs, birds, rodents, rabbits, ferrets, and reptiles. Each section begins with a table of dosages and is followed by alphabetically orga...
9 893 ₽
Diseases of Small Domestic Rodents
изд. 2003

Richardson Virginia, Mckendrick John E, Whitehead Diseases of Small Domestic Rodents

  • ENG
  • изд. 2003
As well as two new chapters on jirds and degus, this book has been fully revised and updated to reflect current developments in the treatment and knowledge of diseases in small rodents and includes sections on anaesthesia and detailed information on drug treatments.
8 422 ₽
Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs
изд. 2000

Richardson Virginia, Lacey Anne, Dancaster Christo Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs

  • ENG
  • изд. 2000
Provides a comprehensive text covering various aspects of guinea pig medicine. This book assists in the formulation of a diagnostic plan when the practitioner is faced with a sick animal. It is suitable for veterinary surgeons and students, veterinary nurses, breeders and for those working in the a...
8 518 ₽
Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual
изд. 2001

Foreyt William J, Price T, Gripper Peter L, Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual

  • ENG
  • изд. 2001
Provides access to pertinent information on parasite life cycles, importance, location in host, zoonotic potential, literature, diagnosis, and treatment. This book, organized by animal host species, includes step-by-step instructions for the most common diagnostic procedures used in routine veterin...
7 556 ₽
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