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Equine Science
изд. 2017

Davies Zoe Equine Science

  • ENG
  • изд. 2017
From genetics to functional anatomy, cell biology to the equine digestive system, Equine Science, Third Edition covers all the essential scientific knowledge you need for your equine programme.
5 356 ₽
Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents
изд. 2015

Estella Böhmer Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents

  • ENG
  • изд. 2015
Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents is a practical guide aimed at helping clinicians successfully diagnose and treat dental problems in rabbits and rodents within their own surgeries. With over two–thirds of small mammals presenting with tooth related problems, there is great potential to enhance the ...
11 818 ₽
Нет фото
изд. 2020

Earley, Edward T. Veterinary Clinics: Equine Practice, An Issue Of Veterinary Clinics Of North America: Equine Practice,36-3

  • ENG
  • изд. 2020
This issue of Veterinary Clinics: Equine Practice, guest edited by Drs. Edward Earley, Robert Baratt, and Stephen S. Galloway, is focused on Equine Dentistry and Oral Surgery. This is one of three issues each year selected by the series consulting editor, Dr. Thomas Divers. Article topics include: ...
9 701 ₽
Breeding Horses
изд. 2005

Davies Morel C G Mina, Liu Guy Shaojia, Mir M A Af Breeding Horses

  • ENG
  • изд. 2005
Authoritative, readable, concise and practical yet unburdened with unnecessary detail Suitable as a textbook for ONC and BHS students and as a practical guide for horseowners Well illustrated throughout.
5 775 ₽
Equine Science
изд. 2004

Pilliner Sarah, Portes Richard, Davies Zoe, Sinn H Equine Science

  • ENG
  • изд. 2004
Detailing the structure and function of the various body systems and clearly explaining the scientific rationale behind modern horse husbandry practices, this book has been written specifically for students on National and Higher Diploma courses and equine studies degree programmes, Advanced Nation...
6 731 ₽
Introduction to Horse Biology
изд. 2005

Davies Zoe, Southard Randal J, Graham R C Robert C Introduction to Horse Biology

  • ENG
  • изд. 2005
Many students have only a limited knowledge of biology before starting a variety of equine courses, from BHS stages to National Certificate and Diploma and HND/degree. This title provides the information students of equine subjects require, particularly those without a GCSE or A level in biology. I...
5 500 ₽
The Horse in Motion
изд. 2002

Pilliner Sarah, Pamphilon Derwood, Elmhurst Samant The Horse in Motion

  • ENG
  • изд. 2002
Examines a further aspect of the horse`s performance. This book is designed to help the horse owners and riders to understand how a horse moves and how its anatomy helps, or hinders, the horse`s athletic ability. It uses photographs and anatomical drawings to show the systems of support and movemen...
6 593 ₽
Horse and Stable Management
изд. 2003

Houghton Brown Jeremy, Tuddenham Gd Edward, Pillin Horse and Stable Management

  • ENG
  • изд. 2003
Since the first edition was published, this title has become the standard textbook for a range of qualifications covering all aspect of horse care and management. The fourth edition has been radically revised and reorganized to meet the latest teaching requirements.
6 318 ₽
Equine Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction
изд. 2013

Tim Mair Equine Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction

  • ENG
  • изд. 2013
Offering key information in an easily digested format for clinical veterinary students, this book can also be relevant to students undertaking equine science degrees, and to professional horse owners and trainers.
14 205 ₽
Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition
изд. 2013

Raymond J. Geor Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition

  • ENG
  • изд. 2013
Suitable for undergraduate and graduate students, and women who wish to be better informed about their horses` nutritional needs, this title contains practical nutritional advice for the treatment of clinical conditions seen by veterinarians in their daily practice. It presents up-to-date scientifi...
15 362 ₽
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