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Essentials Of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy. 5 ed
изд. 2021

Hillegass Ellen Essentials Of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy. 5 ed

  • ENG
  • изд. 2021
Improve your understanding of the cardiopulmonary system with Essentials of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy, 5th Edition. Based on American Physical Therapy Association best practices, this new edition provides comprehensive coverage of anatomy, physiology, and cardiopulmonary assessment, along with...
14609 ₽   13 148 ₽
Covid-19: A Critical Care Textbook
изд. 2021

Carter Chris Covid-19: A Critical Care Textbook

  • ENG
  • изд. 2021

With the major redeployment of staff during the Covid-19 pandemic, this authoritative textbook provides a practical resource for healthcare professionals who may be new to acute and critical care settings.

Written by nurses for nurses, the book will help readers master patient assessment, non-invasive...

5046 ₽   3 532 ₽
Muscle Function Testing - A Visual Guide
изд. 2015

Karin Wieben Muscle Function Testing - A Visual Guide

  • ENG
  • изд. 2015

A practical guide to manual muscle function testing

This beautifully illustrated pocket atlas provides physical therapists, occupational therapists, sports therapists, and students with practical guidelines and quick tests for evaluating gross motor function throughout the body. The tests in this manual...

9082 ₽   6 357 ₽
The Bobath Concept in Adult Neurology
изд. 2016

Bente Elisabeth Bassoe Gjelsvik The Bobath Concept in Adult Neurology

  • ENG
  • изд. 2016
In rich yet practical detail, this book describes the Bobath Concept of physical rehabilitation following injury to the central nervous system. Unlike many technique-driven resources, this work explores the integral relationships... -- Doody's Review (starred review)The text is highly factual, ...
13212 ₽   9 248 ₽
Oxford Textbook of Rheumatoid Arthritis
изд. 2020

Scott David L., Galloway James, Cope Andrew Oxford Textbook of Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • ENG
  • изд. 2020
The Oxford Textbook of Rheumatoid Arthritis covers all relevant aspects of the fisease, ranging from basic science, epidemiology, clinical and laboratory assessments, drug and non-drug treatments, and disease outcomes. Written by an international team of experts, it will be an invaluable resource fo...
21 384 ₽
Anatomy Trains
изд. 2020

Myers, Thomas W. / Томс У. Майерс Anatomy Trains

  • ENG
  • изд. 2020

Get a multi-dimensional understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy with Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual Therapists and Movement Professionals, 4th Edition. This hugely successful, one-of-a-kind title continues to center on the application of anatomy trains across a variety of clinical ...

9 429 ₽
изд. 2023

Bartrow Nervenmobilisation

  • GER
  • изд. 2023
5 877 ₽
Shoulder Arthritis across the Life Span
изд. 2023

Mazzocca Shoulder Arthritis across the Life Span

  • ENG
  • изд. 2023
This book comprehensively covers the diagnosis, classification, assessment, and management of shoulder arthritis, a condition with increasing incidence that affects people of all ages. In a multidisciplinary format, it discusses imaging, laboratory testing, nutrition, surgery and rehabilitation. The...
18 167 ₽
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