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Pharmaceutical Analysis. 5 ed
изд. 2020

Watson, David G. (Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Strathclyde Institute of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, University of Strathcly Pharmaceutical Analysis. 5 ed

  • ENG
  • изд. 2020
Pharmaceutical analysis determines the purity, concentration, active compounds, shelf life, rate of absorption in the body, identity, stability, rate of release etc. of a drug. Testing a pharmaceutical product involves a variety of analyses, and the analytical processes described in this book are used...
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Oxford Handbook of Dialysis
изд. 2016

Levy Jeremy, Brown Edwina, Lawrence Anastasia Oxford Handbook of Dialysis

  • ENG
  • изд. 2016
The revised fourth edition of this comprehensive handbook continues to provide a reliable, compact guide to all aspects of dialysis, incorporating best practice guidelines and including the most to up-to-date information on new techniques and patient management options.
5701 ₽   3 991 ₽
Foyes Prin Medicinal Chem 8E (Int Ed) Cb
изд. 2019

Roche / Роше Foyes Prin Medicinal Chem 8E (Int Ed) Cb

  • ENG
  • изд. 2019
With expert contributions from experienced educators, research scientists and clinicians, Foye’s Principles of Medicinal Chemistry, Eighth Edition is an invaluable resource for professional students, graduate students and pharmacy faculty alike.' This ‘gold standard’ text explains the chemical ...
13213 ₽   11 892 ₽
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy 2/e
изд. 2012

Wiffen, Philip; Mitchell, Marc; Snelling, Melanie; Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy 2/e

  • ENG
  • изд. 2012
Now fully updated, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy remains the indispensible guide to clinical pharmacy, providing all the information needed for practising and student pharmacists. Presenting handy practical guidance in a quick-reference, bullet-point format, this handbook will supply the ...
5542 ₽   3 879 ₽
Research Methods in Pharmacy Practice
изд. 2018

Austin, Zubin Research Methods in Pharmacy Practice

  • ENG
  • изд. 2018

This is a comprehensive guide to applying research methods to practice problems. It uses case-based examples and activities rooted in practice to support development of knowledge, skills, and confidence in applying evidence-based research methods.

An array of different methodologies and qualitative/quantitative...

5179 ₽   3 625 ₽
Cancer Chemotherapy in Clinical Practice
изд. 2012

Priestman, Terrence Cancer Chemotherapy in Clinical Practice

  • ENG
  • изд. 2012
A simple introduction explaining the broad principles underlying chemotherapy, this book gives trainees a framework within which they can place the specific aspects of cancer chemotherapy they encounter in their everyday experience.
8 384 ₽
Pharmacology Condensed
изд. 2020

Page, Clive P. / Клайв П. Пейдж Pharmacology Condensed

  • ENG
  • изд. 2020

Covering the essential basic science and principles of pharmacology using concise text and diagrams, Dale's Pharmacology Condensed, 3rd Edition, presents the key facts and concepts that are key to understanding how drugs work and their underlying pathophysiological processes. Each of the 50 short...

5 179 ₽
изд. 2023


  • изд. 2023
22 770 ₽
изд. 2023


  • изд. 2023
12 757 ₽
Regulatory Affairs in the Pharmaceutical Industry
изд. 2021

Ali Javed, Baboota Sanjula Regulatory Affairs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • ENG
  • изд. 2021

Regulatory Affairs in the Pharmaceutical Industry is a comprehensive reference that compiles all the information available pertaining to regulatory procedures currently followed by the pharmaceutical industry. Designed to impart advanced knowledge and skills required to learn the various concepts of...

23 244 ₽
Math calculations for pharmacy technicians
изд. 2022

Beale, Elaine Math calculations for pharmacy technicians

  • ENG
  • изд. 2022
Craig Larman again delivers a clear path for students to learn object-oriented analysis and design through his clear and precise writing style. Larman teaches newcomers to OOA/D learn how to think in objects by presenting three iterations of a single, cohesive case study, incrementally introducing t...
9 828 ₽
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