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MRI & CT of the Cardiovascular System
изд. 2013

Higgins MRI & CT of the Cardiovascular System

  • ENG
  • изд. 2013
A guide to magnetic resonance and computed tomography for cardiovascular health. It gives you all the tools necessary for powerful screening, diagnosis, and cardiovascular care.
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Cardiovascular Computed Tomography.2 ED
изд. 2019

James Stirrup, / Джеймс Стирруп Cardiovascular Computed Tomography.2 ED

  • ENG
  • изд. 2019
A practical guide to performing and analysing cardiovascular scans, this handbook is fully updated in this second edition. Containing a wealth of example scan images and detailed guidance on techniques and interpretations, this book is an invaluable workstation resource.
9 346 ₽
Computed tomography
изд. 2022

Seeram, Euclid (medical Imaging, Advanced Studies, British Columbia Institute Of Technology, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada) Computed tomography

  • ENG
  • изд. 2022
145 miles of lush, ever-green walking in North East Wales: featuring fourteen routes within the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, embracing the Clwydian and Berwyn Hills and Llantysilio Mountain; three walks on the North Wales coast between Great Orme and Point of Ayr...
12 351 ₽
Atlas of CT Angiography
изд. 2019

Miclaus Atlas of CT Angiography

  • ENG
  • изд. 2019
This superbly illustrated atlas presents CT angiography with 3D reconstruction in a broad range of clinical applications. Includes imaging of cerebral, carotid, thoracic, coronary, abdominal and peripheral vessels, comparing normal and pathologic appearances.
16 769 ₽
Weight Bearing Cone Beam Computed Tomography (WBCT) in the Foot and Ankle
изд. 2020

Richter Weight Bearing Cone Beam Computed Tomography (WBCT) in the Foot and Ankle

  • ENG
  • изд. 2020
This scientific, technical and clinical guide to Weight Bearing Cone Beam Computed Tomography (WBCT), written by the board of the International WBCT Society, presents all of the relevant content to date on the development, implementation, interpretation and clinical application of WBCT for the foot ...
15 372 ₽
Metaphorical Signs in Computed Tomography of Chest and Abdomen
изд. 2023

Yudin Metaphorical Signs in Computed Tomography of Chest and Abdomen

  • ENG
  • изд. 2023
This richly illustrated book is devoted to radiologists’ ever-growing interest in discovering metaphors relevant for diagnostic imaging. In its second and completely revised edition, the book contains nearly 800 illustrations and descriptions of about 200 classic radiological signs of chest and abdo...
20 962 ₽
Dose Optimization in Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography
изд. 2023

Seeram Dose Optimization in Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography

  • ENG
  • изд. 2023
This book addresses radiation protection of patients having digital radiography and computed tomography (CT) examinations. The literature on radiation doses to patients from these two modalities have reported that the doses to patients are high. As a result, the radiology community has focused on me...
18 167 ₽
Digital Mammography
изд. 2012

Whitman Digital Mammography

  • ENG
  • изд. 2012
Digital mammography has many advantages over film-screen mammography, including faster acquisition, easier storage and easier retrieval of images. Written by expert radiologists and physicists, Digital Mammography: A Practical Approach compares digital mammography to conventional film-screen mammogr...
14 571 ₽
Ct & Mri Pathology
изд. 2011

Grey Ct & Mri Pathology

  • ENG
  • изд. 2011
Reviews the pathology, etiology, signs and symptoms, imaging characteristics, treatment, and prognosis for each disease/disorder and includes crisp images to accompany every discussion. This title features: written by a radiographic technologist and a radiologist; images are organized by body system...
7 377 ₽
Fundamentals of Body CT
изд. 2014

Webb, W. Richard Fundamentals of Body CT

  • ENG
  • изд. 2014

Perfect for radiology residents and practitioners, Fundamentals of Body CT offers an easily accessible introduction to body CT Completely revised and meticulously updated, this latest edition covers today's most essential CT know-how, including the use of multislice CT to diagnose chest, abdominal,...

10 359 ₽
Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Board Review: Pearls Of Wisdom
изд. 2016

Snowdon Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Board Review: Pearls Of Wisdom

  • ENG
  • изд. 2016
Written by an experienced program director who knows what it takes to excel, this book features nearly 500 registry-style questions with detailed answer explanations. It also includes background material - covering everything from eligibility requirements to test-taking tips.
11 152 ₽
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