Non-Food Sensory Practices

ISBN: 9780128219393
Код товара 128861

Lheritier, Anne-Marie

Non-Food Sensory Practices

Non-Food Sensory Practices

ISBN: 9780128219393
Код товара 128861

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    Lheritier, Anne-Marie

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    Elsevier Science

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    229 x 152 x 20

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О чём книга?

Sensory evaluation is applied in very diverse and sometimes unexpected sectors. Nonfood Sensory Practices aims to show how sensory professionals from sectors other than food have embraced sensory evaluation methods for product development and communication of their products' sensory properties. This book is thus intended as a first assessment of what is happening in nonfood sectors. It will open perspectives to those sensory professionals who wish to apply and adapt their expertise in food sensory science to other types of products, as well as to those working in nonfood sectors but with lesser background in sensory evaluation.

Many nonfood products are intrinsically complex. They can be used in diverse ways, often in strong interaction with context and - unlike food - over several hours, days or months. This book shows how sensory professionals have adapted to these specificities, not to mention specific needs in terms of panel management and different ways to deal with consumers, users, customers or even sometimes with patients. First chapters present general methodological principles that will allow readers to fully apprehend the use of sensory practices. Then, contributions from many professionals in nonfood sectors will help to realize and promote the potential added value of sensory evaluation to their own field of application.

  • Presents methodological specificities and solutions for the sensory evaluation of non-food products
  • Includes case studies that help readers understand how to adapt food-centric sensory methods developed for non-food applications
  • Triggers new ideas and further useful developments for the sensory evaluation of food products and the study of food-related consumer behaviors

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