Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook

ISBN: 9780128166734
Код товара 128774

Goodfellow, Howard D.

Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook

Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook

ISBN: 9780128166734
Код товара 128774

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  • Автор

    Goodfellow, Howard D.

  • Издатель

    Elsevier Science

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    27.94 x 21.59 x 3.76 cm

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О чём книга?

Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook, Volume 2: Engineering Design and Applications brings together researchers, engineers (both design and plants), and scientists to develop a fundamental scientific understanding of ventilation to help engineers implement state-of-the-art ventilation and contaminant control technology. Now in two volumes, this reference contains extensive revisions and updates as well as a unique section on best practices for the following industrial sectors: Automotive; Cement; Biomass Gasifiers; Advanced Manufacturing; Industrial 4.0); Non-ferrous Smelters; Lime Kilns; Pulp and Paper; Semiconductor Industry; Steelmaking; Mining.
  • Brings together global researchers and engineers to solve complex ventilation and contaminant control problems using state-of-the-art design equations
  • Includes an expanded section on modeling and its practical applications based on recent advances in research
  • Features a new chapter on best practices for specific industrial sectors

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