Ebersole and Hess' Gerontological Nursing & Healthy Aging

ISBN: 9780323698030
Код товара 128603

Touhy Theris A., Jett Kathleen F.

Ebersole and Hess' Gerontological Nursing & Healthy Aging

Ebersole and Hess' Gerontological Nursing & Healthy Aging

ISBN: 9780323698030
Код товара 128603

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  • Автор

    Touhy Theris A., Jett Kathleen F.

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    Elsevier Science

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    23.37 x 18.54 x 1.78 cm

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О чём книга?

Gain the nursing skills you need to provide wellness-based care for older adults! Ebersole and Hess' Gerontological Nursing & Healthy Aging, 6th Edition uses a holistic approach to describe compassionate care along a continuum of wellness. Designed to promote healthy aging regardless of the patient's situation or disorder, this text provides best-practice guidelines in covering physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and cognitive health. New to this edition are Next Generation NCLEX(R)-style case studies, updates on measuring clinical judgment, expanded coverage of core competencies, and more. Written by gerontological nursing experts Theris Touhy and Kathleen Jett, this concise text provides a solid foundation in every aspect of healthy aging.

  • Focus on health and wellness provides the evidence-based information and strategies needed to promote healthy aging.
  • Key concepts, learning activities, and discussion questions in every chapter emphasize the information needed to enhance care.
  • Recommended competencies from the AACN and the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing are integrated throughout.
  • Discussion of disease processes is placed in the context of healthy adaptation, nursing support, and responsibilities.
  • Easy-to-use information on nursing techniques and communication appears with the associated disorders, symptoms, and situations.
  • Tips for Best Practice and Resources for Best Practice boxes provide insight into proven methods of nursing care.
  • Discussions of nursing and interprofessional actions help students learn to enhance wellness, maintain optimal function, and prevent unnecessary disability.
  • Coverage of age, cultural, racial, and gender differences highlights these important considerations in caring for older adults.
  • NEW! Updates reflect the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Model.
  • NEW! Next Generation NCLEX(R) (NGN)-style case studies provide optimal preparation for the Next Generation NCLEX Examination.
  • NEW! Specialized information addresses the unique needs of older adults such as atypical disease presentation, geriatric syndromes, neurocognitive disorders, quality of life with chronic illness, legal and ethical issues, and mental health challenges such as depression and substance abuse.
  • NEW! Coverage of competencies of expanding nursing roles in the care of older adults addresses the continuum of care.
  • NEW! Gerontological expertise is incorporated into nursing actions and complements other nursing texts (including med-surg, community health, mental health, and assessment books) used in programs without a freestanding gerontological nursing course.
  • NEW! Expanded content includes information on COPD guidelines, medication use and misuse, Alzheimer's Disease, wound care guidelines, diagnosis and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing, joint replacement, caregiver strain, hospice and transitional care, and more.

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