Introduction to Cybersemiotics: A Transdisciplinary Perspective

ISBN: 9783030527457
Код товара 127032

Vidales Carlos, Brier Sшren

Introduction to Cybersemiotics: A Transdisciplinary Perspective

Introduction to Cybersemiotics: A Transdisciplinary Perspective

ISBN: 9783030527457
Код товара 127032

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    Vidales Carlos, Brier Sшren

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    23.39 x 15.60 x 3.18 cm

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Carlos Vidales and S ren Brier

1. Cybersemiotics in the Information Age

Marcel Danesi

2. Cybersemiotic systemic and semiotical based transdisciplinarity

S ren Brier

3. From semiotics, to cybernetics to cybersemiotics: the question of communication and meaning processes in living systems

Carlos Vidales

4. System, sign, information, and communication in cybersemiotics, systems theory, and Peirce

Winfried Nцth

5. Transdisciplinary Realism

Basarab Nicolescu

6. Practice-led research as knowing: a cybersemiotic overview

Paul Cobley

7. The blind men and the elephant: Towards an organization of epistemic contexts

Michael Kleineberg

8. Communicology, Cybernetics, and Chiasm: A Synergism of Logic and Semiotic

Richard L. Lanigan

9. The Return of Philosophy: A Systemic Semiotics Approach

Berna Leticia Valle Canales

10. HCI Design and the Cybersemiotic Experience

Claudia Jacques

11. The Communication of Form. Why cybersemiotic star is necessary for information studies'

Liqian Zhou

12. From 'motivation' to 'constraints', from 'discourse' to 'modelling systems': pushing multimodal discourse analysis towards cybersemiotics

Sara Canizzaro

13. Towards a cybersemiotic philology of Buddhist knowledge forms: How to undo objects and concepts in process-philosophical terms

Alina Therese Lettner

14. Cybersemiotics and Phenomenology: a critical review of the conditions of possibility of observation from a Transcendental Semiotics

Julio Horta

15. Storytelling and Cybersemiotics

David M. Boje

16. Communication and evolution

Vivian Romeu

17. Prolegomena to Cybersemiotic discourse pragmatics. Total human evolutionary cognition and communication

Ole Nedergaard Thomsen

18. The cities and the bodies as cyberinterfaces

Lucia Santaella

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