The Patient as a Person

ISBN: 9783031238512
Код товара 142287


The Patient as a Person

The Patient as a Person

ISBN: 9783031238512
Код товара 142287

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In the current era, evidence-based medicine and various supporting technologies dominate everyday clinical practice, according to a disease-centred, as opposed to patient-centred, approach. They have obviously improved the clinical management of diseases and it is therefore unreasonable to think of a medicine in which they are not considered fundamental. In fact, the strength of the new medicine should be to adapt scientific knowledge to a specific clinical case. This book therefore looks at the prospect of a new 'person' centred medicine, which stands alongside the 'disease' and 'patient' centred medicine, which pays special attention to the subjectivity of scientific knowledge and the relationship between doctor and patient. It is important to emphasise that this book is written by several hands, i.e. by experts from different fields, doctors, philosophers, architects, sociologists, art critics, physicists and engineers. This is with the intention of providing as broad a perspective as possible on the doctor-patient relationship. Due to its translational and multicultural approach to the subject, the book will be of interest to a wide readership, from medical experts to students, psychologists, philosophers and institutional actors.

Section 1 - Between the doctor and the patient.- 1. Between the doctor and the patient: the history of the relationship.- 2. Between the doctor and the patient: the ancient conceptions of philosophy as medicine.- 3. Between the doctor and the patient: ori
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